Ute with one foot in the underworld

Kay, Em

Genre: Roman
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'Ute with one foot in the underworld' is a page turning psychological thriller, a tragicomic family chronicle spanning two generations, starting in Germany in 1942 and spinning off to a terrorist attack on the London underground in 2004.

Lost between two countries and two families, Ute is forever looking for a home.
In spite of abandonment, rape, losing her baby and a fatal attraction to a violent lover, she never loses her sense of humour, believing that happiness is just around the corner.
As a modern heroine Ute suffers the blows of fate with a grin on her face, because hope is the hardest thing to kill.


Auteur: Kay, Em Formaat:
Genre: Roman Uitvoering:
ISBN: 9789400811607 Aantal pagina’s:
Verkoopprijs: € 9,95 Taal: Nederlands