Homosexuality, from different angles

Welten, Martin

Verschijningsdatum: 15 februari 2019
Genre: Gezondheid
Aantal pagina’s: 146

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This book is about male homosexuality. Many men do not know why they are gay and wonder:
• Are there any ways for me to just become hetero?
• To what extent will homosexuality affect my life negatively?
• How will people close to me react if I announce my orientation?
• Can gay sex cause diseases?
• Can these diseases be cured and how?

Men who are not gay themselves often have to deal with this because a child is gay, or friend, colleague or neighbour. They too have questions such as:
• Why are some men gay and others hetero?
• Are there any valid objections to homosexuality?
• Do gays always have anal sex, or do they also use other techniques?
• How does someone who has unprotected sex becomes infected with HIV?
• What is the difference between HIV and AIDS?

This book focuses not only on gays, but on anyone who wants to know about the subject. It provides information on what homosexual orientation entails and is also a good starting point for gays and straights (parents, friends, etc.) to talk to each other about their sexuality.


Auteur: Welten, Martin Formaat: 145 x 205
Genre: Gezondheid Uitvoering: Softcover
ISBN: 9789048444502 Aantal pagina’s: 146
Verkoopprijs: € 15,95 Taal: Engels
Verschijningsdatum: 15 februari 2019